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January 19, 2013
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Well that was Ood by CaoimheFraney Well that was Ood by CaoimheFraney

Well that was Oodby CaoimheFraney

Digital Art / Drawings & Paintings / Sci-Fi©2013-2014 CaoimheFraney
Ood [c] Doctor Who
Well that's Ood.

- Rose and the Doctor, Doctor Who

:iconoodplz: + :iconcaoimhefraney: = :aww:

:aww: My version of the Ood from Doctor Who. :XD: He looks more Occult like than anything else really.

The "mist" is actually my idea of what the orb (that they used to talk) would be like, organic rather than mechanical. Haha when I was painting him all I kept think was "CALL THE DOCTOR!!!"

And thank you to everyone who joined us on that epic Livestream! :heart: It was so awesome to see people join in.

The "Process": [link]
Tools & References:
Model: Screenshot
Programs: Paint Tool SAI & Photoshop CS5
Brushes: NagelBrushes37, ~Sickbrush, ~sakichan
It was a true honor to watch such a beautiful painting become what it is!

I am dumbfounded by such remarkable painting, the subtle texture looks glorious!! It really works out so very well!! I mainly see it in the orb and face which I love it's so amazing!! Such remarkable detail was put into this! I was watching the livestream and when something was undone in grey scale to coloring I thought "NOOOO IT WAS BEAUTIFUL THE WAY IT WAS!!"

The orb looks so spectacular! I love all the swirling colors and how bright it looks!! It's so so so so amazing!!

The painted look is so so so beautiful!! I could not do something like this I admire this work so!! I like the shading and the unique look to the clothing!!

Maybe I just didn't notice it but I don't see texture in the clothing really, it looks more painted. Which I don't find a problem at all this is perfect!! This is so so amazing!!!!!!

4 1/2 stars of originality for the creative idea with the orb!! :D
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MissyKenobi Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013
It's an Oooooood! I love the Oooooooods!<3

But seriously, this is pretty cute. :3 Awesome job!
CaoimheFraney Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:XD: I have to agree! The Ood are my favorite race on the show. My mom walked in on the two Satan pit episodes and when she saw them she thought they were so ugly and creepy looking. I have no idea why but I find them SO cute! :D

Oh thank you!!! He scared me when I was painting him to be honest. :lol:
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